Hello, Hello... Remember me?

Long time no talk. 100% my fault and I'm sorry! Last winter, when my travels came to a halt, I slowly fell out of inspiration on what to write about, what to post, and simply lacked creative content. However, I am on the move again, and I am setting new goals for this site and for myself for these next period of travel.

Currently, I am back in Italy. I have been here for the past couple weeks, queuing started posts since I arrived, but quickly moving on to another post, leaving the last unfinished. So, I made it my purpose to completely work on content for this site while I am here and for the future. I have set a goal starting in August 2018, I will post one blog post every week. I do not have an exact day of the week I can commit to posting on, but I am going to try my best to have one post out to you at least once each week.

Challenging myself to invest my time into this site again. Using it as an outlet for my thoughts and a place to document my travels. I need to give myself more credit in being able to get out content, and not anxiously chicken out when pressing that Publish button just because a post is not "perfect". That being said, I still will try my hardest and be able to get you quality content, but in a more timely manner.

I have revamped the design on my site, continuing to work on it almost daily. So, I will get out more content coming to you in the near future. Hope you are ready for this "new chapter" because I am.

Talk soon-