Fly Wizz Air... Well, Forget it.

Think you want to fly with Wizz Air? DON’T!

Needing to fly from Milan-Bergamo to Katowice, Poland. A about a week before, I got online and started searching for flights. In the boat that I am in right now, no income what-so-ever, and paying for double anything I buy (food, housing, drinks, transportation, etc.) sad situation for my bank account. So, I went for the cheapest flight I could find, a girls got to live on a budget here. Not minding the company, just looking at the price that was given on the site.

Ahead of purchasing, I was aware cheap flights are always sneaky with what they charge you. Therefore, I was extra careful to spend the bare minimum. 40.91 EUR ($48.08) for two tickets and a short flight. Ready to travel to the next destination.

First expense (after the tickets, of course): Luggage. We could not fit everything into our FREE carry-on (8kg allowance) bags. So, we paid for two checked bags: 68 EUR ($79.92 for bags).

Second expense: Check-in. On the website it stated FREE check-in online, opposed to 10 EUR to check-in at the airport. Ridiculous to me in the first place that you have to pay to check-in at the airport. So, obviously I chose to check in for free online. I had a printer accessible, easy choice, not thinking it would be a problem.

Third expense: Seats. The link in the email we received to chose our seats never worked. So we just hoped we were next to each other.

Grand Total: 108.91 EUR ($127.80) Pretty good deal if you think two tickets to fly from Italy to Poland.


Next step: Confirmation. Out of the absurd amount of spam emails I received from Wizz Air telling me my trip is almost here; I got a confirmation for the tickets, at least we knew we were going. As for the bags and check-in confirmation, it was non-existent. However, I did receive an email (Right) from Wizz Air, stating that I had 2X23kg bags and that my bag allowance was "all sorted". If I needed to buy more the link was in the email.

Assuming that everything was actually "all sorted" why think twice.

Now, for check-in, the website said that we would receive an email 48-h before our scheduled departure. 48-h before our flight and no email was received, checked every folder in my email and still no sign of any email from them. We tried to check-in online on the website and after entering our confirmation number it just brought us back to the homepage. Every time...

A little panicked, we searched for the number. We found the Italian number and tried to call the company. It stated on the website that even to call the company there was a rate [Rate per minute Landline: 0.12/call + 1.22 EUR/min]. We tried multiple times from two different landline phones. The call never went through and so I sent an email (Below) to their customer service. Thinking that if the "Call Centre" was so difficult to get a hold of, maybe they mainly attend through emails. I mean it was not the end of the world if I had to pay 10 EUR at the airport to check-in, but I would feel more settled if I could just do the check-in online.

No direct response within 48-h so we thought we had our receipts and we could just tell them at the airport what had happened. Maybe it was just a mix up. Always giving Wizz Air the benefit of the doubt, but that quickly changed once we arrive to their desk at the airport. The line was long and moving slowly. Good thing we gave ourselves enough time to do all of this just incase.

Finally, we arrive to the front of the line and standard they asked for our passports. Handing them over they told us our names were not appearing on the list. I showed them the email confirmation. They looked at the computer for a few minutes with puzzled faces and then told me that I had an outstanding balance of 68 EUR on my account so the tickets were on hold. I explained and showed them the emails I received regarding the bag allowance. They did not speak the best English, so it was difficult to advocate what I was trying to say from the start.

Not having any sympathy, they quickly shooed us away and directed us to the main customer service counter to pay for our bags and to pay for check-in. Frustrated was an understatement. 68 EUR for the bags and maybe 10 EUR to check-in at the airport. Fine. But that was not the case. 

Since we did not select that we were going to pay for the check-in at the airport, it was 30 EUR ($35.24) EACH to do the check-in. No, no no. I explained to the lady at the counter (who had no affiliation with Wizz Air) that we never received an email to direct us to check-in online and from their website it never worked in the first place.

After trying to get the fee waved, or even just lowered to pay the 10 EUR as it stated online. But... no. She said we needed to confront Wizz Air about this issue. She proceeded and made us pay the balance for the bags. Ended up being that my card was not charged for first fee of 68 EUR so it was OK to pay it now. She gave us the receipt for the bags... 84 EUR. Spiked up in price because we had to buy bag allowance at the airport instead of online. OUT-RAG-EOUS.

Fuming in frustration, we paid the balance due and returned to the Wizz Air counter. No one was in the queue and they told us that they would be right with us, and to have a seat outside of the counter. They took their sweet time and finally called us over. As we were walking up the man at the next counter was checking his bags. His hard case carry-on suitcase was tiny but they first weighed it and then made him put it in the little metal frame that measure the dimensions to the "standard" carry-on bag. It was the perfect size and shape but maybe 1.5 cm too long on one side, it did not fully fit. They made him pay for it and check it underneath with the other bags.

We arrived, trying one more time to explain that we were never notified about any of these issues. 1. online check-in and 2. That the bag allowance payment did not go through. Ruthless, they did not have any empathy. We boarded our flight and took off in a rage.


Never again, Wizz Air. Never again. Less than 0 Stars.

2 weeks later I received an email (Right) from Wizz Air replying to the email I sent before our flight. Too little too late Wizz Air. You've definitely lost me as a customer.

Maybe that is just one customer, but anyone who this review reaches I strongly advise you to think twice when thinking about booking with this company.