-About Me-

My Name is Averie, that over there → , that is me. I am from a small town south of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Just having fun, and figuring out what to do in life, probably like most of you. Not finding the sense to settle into a job that doesn't align with my bigger life goals and dreams, at least not for now.

Yes sure, I am a Millennial, trying to find my path, following the wind. But more importantly, I'm simply just a girl with a passion for travel and adventure.

Let’s put it this way— if you talk to someone who loves to travel they might pitch about how they enjoy the thrill of a new experience. They also might tell you how they love meeting new people, or learning new cultures. And yes, I totally agree.

On the other hand, though I think the discomfort, uncertainty, and the chaos in travel is what helps you grow. The times you are forced to rely on yourself, making the beautiful moments that much more special.

If you are planning travel and need a friend's advice, check out my blog. I share little tips on where to go, what to eat, how to dress, and my adventure through this wildly beautiful time we call life.


AND Feel free to contact me anytime.

So, for now, come along and...

-Let's Go!-