Menaggio, Italy

Arriving here in Italy, I had little expectations. I had the tentative plan to stay here for a month then take off and travel around Europe. That all quickly changed when I started to know more of the people, town, and hostel. I quickly settled in and made this little town my home. I found friends in the people I worked with, along with some of the locals. I found comfort in the routine that I made, and the people that passed through the hostel. Time passed quickly and suddenly the end of June was here. I was not ready to leave and asked to extend my stay one more month. I kept pushing off making my next plan and my next adventure because I feel so comfortable here. Although my initial plan was to travel around Europe. I have had little motivation to make a next plan.

I found comfort in the relationships I built. I found comfort in the small town. I found comfort in the hostel. And for these reasons I have not found comfort in leaving. It has been refreshing being able to take a step back from the pressures of everyday life back home. I have lost track of the days that pass, the time I've been here, and sometimes even the time of year. I am simply lost in the moments I spend here.

It has been so strange being here for two months. It feels both like I have been here for a long while, but at the same time it feels like I have only been here for a week or two. If that makes any sense. Such a strange limbo. The time passed so quickly, but I found comfort in everything I have created for myself here, that it is hard to think about leaving.

A few more days and it will be time to move on, not forever, but for now. Let's see what the next adventure brings. But first, where to go?