Bellagio, Italy

Bellagio, the second little town close by Menaggio. A little more known when talking about the three (Varenna, Menaggio, and Bellagio), so I took a visit over. It had a different feel from Menaggio and from Varenna, but it was quaint nonetheless. There was not much more to do, other than walk around, but each of these little towns are the same in that sense. Fun to explore. We stayed for the day, had lunch and explored the streets. Crowded as expected since it was the beginning of August and the tourism is big on the lake during this season. We walked up and down the streets weaving through little shops and boutiques. Up and down the big, stone sets of stairs all emptying down onto the street that ran parallel to the water. Since it is a big tourist location, the food and drink prices are always a bit more expensive. We sat down to eat lunch at a little restaurant with outside seating right on the water. As us travelers on a budget, we looked at the menu, chose the cheapest thing. Margherita pizza it was. Compared to the restaurant I would not say it was what I expected coming from the place that looked so fancy. Short day and quick little trip, regardless it was cute, and refreshing to get out of Menaggio for the day.

Our little lunch spot.

Our little lunch spot.