Walking around town, posted every so often a big neon orange paper with a cowboy on it, advertising "Country Music Party" next town over, tomorrow. Something to do, why not check it out?

As we were walking the long path to arrive there, a man was walking in front of us... cowboy boots, cowboy hat, tight jeans, and a simple black T-shirt, on the back, reading "Country Street Darkness". Well then, should be interesting.

We get to the Piazza, essentially just a big cookout to listen to country music. A bunch of people, tables, a stage, a barbecue, and American flags... Everywhere. Some people dressed in cowboy hats, some in cowboy boots, lots of flannel shirts, and of course country music. It was so funny to see all these people so excited about country music, or it was just a way for them to get together, drink, eat, and have something to get together and do. Either way, it way is fine for me.

We stayed and had some wine, talked, then the man got on the mic and introduced... time for square dance time. 4 or 5 rows of people lined up and started dancing. Their choreographed in-sync dance was spot on. So fun to watch. Later on, the MC came on the mic to ask people to come learn the dance. A bunch of kids came to the rescue to eagerly learn the dance. Such a happy atmosphere!

Below are some picture of the venue so you can put it all together and imagine you were there with me!

[LEFT: the venue, just off the main road; a sweet park on the lake, MIDDLE: the "Saloon", or bar; RIGHT: the stage and dance floor]