Lake Como, Italy


I was comfortable living my life here in Menaggio. Good routine, good people, fine work. I was set in but ready for my first visitors. My mom and my grandma were finally flying over to visit. Unfortunate circumstances, but so excited to see familiar faces.

Sure, I was integrating into my little routine, but I was feeling a little lost. Lost in the monotony of everyday life in this little town. And my mom, my rock, can change up that cycle and bring a little life back to me. Although I may not always admit it, she has the ability to fix almost any situation. Whether it is lifting me up or calming me down. She knows me for me, and boy, can she read me.

My mom and my manny (my grandma) were staying with friends of theirs over in Bellagio, just across the lake. I was so excited to spend the week by their side and even more excited to show them what I had been doing these past few months. Two worlds colliding.

it was not their first time here in Italy, not here in Menaggio, but it was by far the most difficult. Coming back to the country of so many memories. The country of their rock's roots. Although he could not physically join us, the week I spent with my mom and my manny, he sure showed us he is still hanging around, watching over each of us.

What a beautiful week spent celebrating the one we love the most, in the place he loved most. I can see why this place was so special to you and for that, it is to me too. I hope I am making you proud Beep, love you always.